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The Patient Room for the Future

In 1996, Wellness Environments embarked on a journey to create the Patient Room for the Future. We spent 8 years in Research and Development, consulting with Administrators, Doctors, Nurses, and most importantly, with Patients and Families. Our goal was to design and build a room that would help patients heal rapidly. Our vision and dream has become a reality with our Patient Room for the Future.

Using Evidence-Based Design (EBD) techniques, which implement decisions rooted in credible research about the surrounding environment to achieve maximum healing, the Patient Room for the Future consists of 4 highly specialized zones. Each fully customized zone- the Caregiver Zone, Family Zone, Patient Zone, and the Hygiene Zone, targets the caregiver's every need while creating the optimal healing environment for the patient. The Wellness Patient Room for the Future is made-to-order to fit any configuration and square footage; from as little as 200 square feet to as much as 500 square feet and beyond. Wellness can also accommodate the design tastes of any Hospital countless color and fabric options.

Please click on the following zones to learn more:

  • Caregiver Zone
  • The Wellness "Caregiver Zone" is designed to maximize staff efficiency so the caregiver can focus their full attention on the patient. Features include a recessed Clinical Information Center where doctors and nurses can easily and promptly obtain critical patient information and perform patient charting. Also located in this zone is the Nurse Task Center. This fully customizable all-in-one station highlights our commitment to staff efficiency and infection control as it allows all caregivers access to wash their hands, store routine equipment, leave messages on a white board as well as providing ample space for additional items needed by the caregiver.

  • Family Zone
  • Wellness knows that family members are a vital part of the healing process. To this end, the "Family Zone" is designed to make family members feel at home by maximizing their comfort. This zone features a sofa sleeper with ample built-in storage for personal belongings, an armoire with a built-in television niche, a cozy recliner, and flower shelves to keep special gifts visible throughout the room. By providing a comfortable and dedicated space, this zone engages family members as an essential part of the healing process.

  • Patient Zone
  • Every item in the Patient Room for the Future has one goal in mind: to help the patient heal. To this end, the "Patient Zone," is designed to reduce anxiety and make the patient feel as comfortable as possible.

    The Wellness signature multi-functional Overbed Canopy is positioned above the patient bed. This Canopy features an air diffuser to direct airflow away from the patient-reducing Nurse Calls to "lower the air conditioning." The Canopy also has an abundance of lights: exam lights, patient-controlled reading lights and a serene backlit nature scene located directly above the patient, which has been proven to aid in the healing process by reducing anxiety and stress.

    The room lighting, reading lights, window shades, backlit artwork, television, and nurse call function are all controlled by the patient with our patented Pillow Switch. Research shows that the patients' increased ability to control the functions of their room reduces anxiety and stress.

    Patient safety is the ultimate priority for Wellness and healthcare providers alike. As a result, we strategically install slip-resistant grab bars and radius corner furniture to prevent patient falls and minimize the risk of injury.

  • Hygiene Zone
  • In the Wellness "Hygiene Zone," Patient Safety is our top concern. As a result, we incorporate grout-free one-piece molded acrylic showers and vanities with radius corners that ensure a germ-free and easy to clean environment. To reduce water spillage on the floor, the sink is designed to splash back into the basin. The bathroom is where most patient falls occur and Wellness addresses this concern by including ample landing and grab bars; both on the walls and in the shower. This Zone also features a Bedpan Cabinet to store the bedpan out of the way and out of sight while not in use. Also featured is a strategically placed glove dispenser by the toilet.

The Psychiatric Room for the Future

In 1996, Wellness embarked on a journey to create the Patient Room for the Future and our responsibility to continuously improve on patient healing has led us into other sectors of patient care. In July 2009, we will be revealing our Psychiatric Room for the Future which will feature the most up-to-date elements for Psychiatric Patient Care. We will have Psychiatric Rooms for Adolescent, Adult and Geriatric Care.

At Wellness, our relentless pursuit of creating better patient healing environments is constantly leading us into new endeavors. We invite you to contact us about creating a Wellness Environment for you.

The Wellness Wall System

The "Wellness Wall System" is the superior alternative to drywall. When speed-to-completion, clean installation, flexibility and durability are needed; "Wellness Walls" install in up to 1/2 the time of traditional drywall, are dust free, can be repurposed and never need mudding, sanding, painting or patching. Using a unique studded wall system with steel panels, our "Wellness Walls" can be used anywhere traditional drywall is used.

Our panels are available in any size to fit your dimensions and are finished in countless varieties of Type II Vinyl or paint according to your specifications. We customize each system to fit your exact measurements. The wrapped or painted panels are coupled with our patented 3 5/8" steel studs that fit perfectly into your standard room specifications. The corners of the Wellness Wall System can be radius or 90° square. Through our research, we have found that radius corners dramatically reduce cleaning time; both increasing staff efficiency and reducing the likelihood of Hospital-Acquired Infections.

  • "Wellness Walls" are treated as equipment by the IRS and depreciate, for Tax Purposes, in 5 Years because they are removable and repurpose-able (traditional drywall depreciates in 39 years).
  • Install 30% to 50% Faster than Drywall
  • "Wellness Walls" offer many great advantages to architects and designers:
  • Cost Efficient - No Painting, Sanding or Patching, Ever!
  • Surfaces are Stain and Scratch Resistant
  • Surfaces are Easy-to-Clean Using a 10% Bleach Solution (try that on drywall!)
  • Accommodate any Room Size

*See our Cut Sheet here.

Clinical Spaces

We have expanded our range of clinical spaces to not only include Patient Rooms, but also every space in a Hospital. Our experience includes but is not limited to the installation of the following spaces:

  • Exam/Triage
  • Trauma
  • Cardiac Treatment
  • Operating
  • Endoscopy
  • Therapy: Physical, Occupational, Speech
  • Rehabilitation
  • Waiting Rooms
  • Corridors

Like the Patient Room for the Future, Wellness Clinical Spaces are easy to clean, never need painting, patching or mudding, and most importantly, are extremely flexible. If your Hospital's spatial needs change, we will simply disassemble your Wellness Environments Clinical Space and re-install it in your desired location - no new parts, no mudding, no sanding, no painting, no dust or trash removal necessary. Couple our Flexibility with our Speed-to-Completion and your Hospital can change its layout to meet future demands in half the time, allowing you to care for more patients, sooner.

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