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The Psychiatric Room of the Future

The Wellness Psychiatric Patient Room is an in-patient living space that utilizes proven design elements that prioritize patient safety and promote the healing process. Built upon the patented Wellness Wall System, our rooms are customized to your specific patient population (adolescent, adult, geriatric). Our system allows for lightning-fast installation, simple renovation, is easy to clean and is virtually indestructible; everything reinforced dry-wall is not.

At Wellness Environments we recognize that the economics of construction have become as complex as the design. In health-care settings, state-of-the-art design features are rarely the most cost-effective solutions. We understand the dilemma hospital managers face in maximizing quality of care while minimizing operating costs. However, by delivering the unbeatable combination of top-of-the-line interior spaces with unparalleled financial incentives, our clinical spaces allow you to do both, significantly reducing costs over the life cycle of your facility.


Patient Safety is the primary concern for every product Wellness Environments designs and installs. We recognize that healthcare providers are at great risk every time a patient enters their care. In order to minimize the risk to both, the Wellness Environments Psychiatric Room features products and furniture proven to minimize a patient's ability to injure themselves, either accidently or on purpose. As a bonus to staff, nearly every surface is cleanable with a 10% solution of bleach & water. For questions about specific safety features please see our product list or contact us.


The financial benefits of using Wellness Environments in your construction project extend over the lifetime of your facility, saving you money during construction, operation and even renovation.

Speed to Completion:

Wellness' infection free, low maintenance wall system is custom designed for each space prior to delivery. Our interiors are then quickly assembled and installed on site with minimal waste and environmental disturbance in a process that has been proven to be 30% to 50% faster than traditional dry-wall construction.


All Wellness products are considered equipment or furniture for financial accounting and Medicare reimbursement purposes. This designation enables our products to be depreciated more quickly than traditional construction materials.

Reduced Maintenance Costs:

Our wall system's ease of installation also allows it to be easily removed for quick access to plumbing, electrical or communications systems should repairs or updates be needed.


With the baby boomers approaching their silver years, health-care facilities will see dramatic shifts in the types and amounts of care that they provide. Incorporating the Wellness Wall System will allow you to easily customize the nature of your facility to meet the shifts in demand for care. Since renovation is as easy as installation, your facility can continue to operate during the quick and easy renovation process.

Leasing Options:

Leasing of Wellness products decreases the up-front cash burden needed to complete your project. Like other medical equipment, Wellness products, including the Wall System can be finance as equipment through capital or operating lease arrangements.

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